Imaging Analysis Tools

These pages document technologies of interest to the CNL. Rather than providing full in-depth coverage of each application, we try to document tasks and concepts that CNL researchers need repeatedly, and to gather together useful scripts and tutorials. This is, and will likely always be, a work in progress.

For our purposes, image analysis tools fall into two classes:

1) General purpose tools that can be used for image processing as well as a variety of other purposes (e.g. Matlab, Khoros and IDL)

2) Tools specific to image processing, usually medical image processing (Afni, SPM, MRIcro, MrGray etc).

Some tools are free-standing (Mrgray, Mricro), some depend upon others (e.g., SPM requires Matlab). Tools may run on only one platform (e.g., MrGray is a PC windows based program) or be cross-platform (MrFlatmesh will run anywhere that Matlab is installed). Some tools are free and others are not. Such features of the tools are documented on their respective pages.

If you are interested in the field of digital image analysis, a branch of signal processing, then have a look at John C. Russ's Online Image Processing Tutorial.

We hope you find these pages useful and welcome you to email us with your comments and corrections.