Thank you Brain Trust and Friends in the Community!

We are delighted to report the arrival of our two new GE MRI machines. For months, UMC has been making room for them. On November 1, 2002, the magnets arrived on flatbed trucks. The smaller magnet, 10,000 pounds (5 tons), is 1.5 Tesla. The larger one, 15 tons, is 3.0 Tesla and it will be our primary research magnet. A crane lifted each magnet off the trucks and onto the pavement. From the pavement, the magnets were lifted upstairs and placed on waiting steel rails. Workmen had knocked out part of the brick wall to prepare an entryway for the machines. Then, using heavy moving equipment, each magnet was conveyed down a hallway to its new home.

1.5 T Magnet on Flatbed truck
3.0 T Magnet on Flatbed truck
3.0 T Magnet being lifted off truck
Crane for heavy lifting
1.5 T and 3.0 T Magnets
Chun Yu Lin (Graduate Student) and 3.0 T Magnet
Dianne Patterson (Technical Research Support) and 3.0 T Magnet
3.0 T Magnet viewed from Upstairs
3.0 T going through upstairs entryway
3.0 T down the hall, being winched with a chain into its new room
3.0 T entering its new room (taken from the room)
Another view of the 3.0 T entering its new room
3.0 T Magnet in place
1.5 T Magnet in place