fMRI Orientation

Subject Line: (520) 621-8792

This is the MRI scanner. You will lie on the table.

We may ask you to use:

  • Headphones (upper left) so we can talk to you;
  • Foam earplugs (bottom) to protect you from the loud scanner noises;
  • Presentation goggles (middle) so we can show you computer pictures.
  • You may have one or two mice (mouse on far right) so you can respond to stimuli you see or hear.
Here is a subject wearing all the equipment and holding a mouse. She is lying on the table in preparation for entering the scanner.
Now we have raised the table and moved the head coil (a.k.a "bird cage") over the subject's head. Her head is stabilized with foam pillows to help her keep still in the scanner. If she is still, we can get nice pictures of her brain.
We have made the subject as comfortable as possible by propping her knees up with a pillow and putting a blanket over her (the MRI room is generally cold). Now she is ready to go into the bore of the machine.
We press a button and the table and subject move into the bore of the magnet. When we start to scan, the magnet will make loud noises. (To hear the sound of the scanner, click on the link. You will need speakers or a headphone on your computer).

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