Afni: Scansheet for Block Data

Study: xxxxxx

Subject ID:xxxxx Experimenter:xxxxxx

Subject information: M/F Age:xxxxxx Wt:xxxxx

Data saved to:

Protocol: fmri S518 51A

Number of Slices 17 Thickness 5 Skip 1 TR 2000

Slice Alignment (Anatomical Landmarks AC-PC, Center, Tilt, etc):

axials 3D center L 4.2, A 4.0, I 0.2

Bite Bar settings: height 2" landmark nasion

Functional Scans: MR EXAM Number: E21670

Run 1 Reps 80 Cond. study1 Pfile: P15872 Archived________

Structural Scans:

T1/T2/3D Series 2 # of Images 17

TR_______TE_______Flip________FOV 220 Other_______

T1/T2/3D Series 4 # of Images 124

TR_______TE_______Flip________FOV 250 Other_______